What to Wear

Deciding what to wear to your photo session can be quite stressful for many people.  I want to help eliminate this stress.  I want your pictures to reflect you, your family, and your unique family dynamics.  Shopping should start in your own closet!  These are the clothes you should feel comfortable wearing and this is key.  Below are some combinations to be used as a springboard for selecting your photography wardrobe.  The best color combinations are complimentary in nature.  Just white or black tops tend to zap the excitement and emotion in a picture so think about creating a coordinating color scheme with patterns & texture.  Another approach is to consider where you would like the pictures displayed and then coordinate colors with the decor of the room.


Fall Sessions

Plaids and patterns are great in the fall.  Keep in mind you want to stand out from the muted leaf colors so choose your colors carefully.  Although monochromatic colors can be fun, complimentary colors work best! 


Winter sessions

When it's cold out we can still do sessions and the idea here is to layer up!  I promise to help you forget about the cold and cuddle up to stay warm. The muted jewel tones are fantastic during this time of year but don't be afraid to be even bolder with your color choices!


Spring & summer sessions

Pastels are great in small amounts. A lot of times the pastel color can look "washed out" in the final photograph.  Try grounding the color with a darker color.  The contrast helps to make the colors pop when used with proper light and location.